Brand Identity Evolution
Packaging design
New Product Development
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The music, the ‘Happiness’ ads, the mild cigar …all unmistakably Hamlet (for those of a certain age) – a brand that achieved national affection.

However, highly restrictive advertising opportunities and a changing smoker profile left the pack the one remaining point of contact for consumers, so change had to be executed with sensitivity backed up with real understanding of the brand.

What we did

A slimed down, informal and elegant type mark, a modernised Hamlet ‘seal’ and fresher overall colour replaced the previously weighty and old-fashioned ones, with key elements repositioned at the top of the pack to more faithfully imply the product’s mild taste – more well-sculpted pecs than beer belly – in order to appeal to new consumers and increasing numbers of ex-cigarette smokers.

What happened next

Our packaging design increased market share for this iconic brand, paving the way for a significant development of the Hamlet ‘family’ to include Miniatures, Reserve and Special sub-brands.

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