Design! Design! Design!

Let’s be honest, being in business is tough. It’s a crowded marketplace and you need to stand out – cut through the clutter and establish meaningful connections in the hearts and minds of your customers.

You need a partner that understands you and your business. One that has the design skills to distill what can be complex messages into a powerful, focused idea that works across traditional and digital media. Define your Difference! is at the core of everything we do and it’s what we do very, very well.

We have a long and proven track record for producing creative and memorable design that makes a significant commercial impact for our clients – from an identity for a start-up to packaging for brand leaders and everything in between.


We get under your skin

No one knows your business better than you, so we take time to find out what makes you tick: what makes you different from the rest; where your business ambitions lie; what you do that works and what doesn’t.

The questions we ask – in one of our informal workshops if necessary – help us understand your inner strengths and how we can use creativity and design to express them.


Make it fashion-proof

We don’t design to a passing fad, we make it stand the test of time. It’s an approach that consistently returns tangible results, so you can be sure to get good old-fashioned value for money.


We make it easy for you

You won’t find smoke and mirrors here – because we are our own designers, account executives and project managers, you get a better-informed result and a seamless, hassle-free experience from start to finish.


A measure of success

Design is a creative process. Now creative and process are two words that should be mutually incompatible, so it’s little wonder that many clients approach the former with caution and suspicion – it’s like a spider in the bath: Where did it come from? What is it going to do next? Will it hurt or tickle? But creativity is essential to expressing uniqueness: it can be unexpected, unpredictable and sometimes a bit scary.

Which is why we ensure it performs within a structured framework. This begins at the briefing, where we thrash out the nuts and bolts stuff: objectives, deliverables, a schedule for work and budget, then we make the creative input shape-up and account for its actions by benchmarking: is it appropriate; memorable; adaptable; user-friendly or timeless? Does it answer the brief or, sometimes more importantly, has it challenged it in order to achieve a more effective result?

The final measure of success is, of course, commercial and we’ve achieved a lot of that – for a good example, see our work for the Hartridges Celebrated range, recipient of a DBA Design Effectiveness Award.


First-hand experience

No matter what might be said, there’s no substitute for it. Many, many years of it means we have worked in almost every sector of business. Combine that level of experience with an enduring hunger for fresh challenges and you have a powerful marketing tool waiting for you.

What we also know is that excellent client service is indispensible to any amount of creativity. Many of our clients regard us as an extension of their team. It’s a view that can’t be bought ­– it’s been earned, day-by-day.


Clients like us!

Is that a good enough reason to use us? Well yes, we think it is. Because from great relationships come great results.