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Bishop’s Waltham is a small market town in Hampshire, to be found 12 miles east of Winchester. It has an ancient and, at times, significant place in English history. Through its venerable age, it has retained a strong sense of old-world charm and civility, being much loved by locals and those who have come to know it. Unusually, for modern times, its streets boast a predominance of independent retailers and a healthy waiting list of similar new enterprises. The surrounding environment comprises a blend of housing from Victorian times to the present day, bordered by scenic countryside.

The surrounding road system, however, does not readily invite the passing traveller to explore so, as a result, many recognise it only as a point on a longer journey to the large commercial centres of Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester.

Tasked with attracting greater passing trade and prompting a re-evaluation of Bishop’s Waltham, the Town Team enlisted pmdc design to create a brand identity for the town, which will become a focal point for a wide range of internal and external communications.

What we did

Drawing on both the Town’s medieval heritage and modern development, we created the ‘BW’ monogram that is simultaneously informal and accessible, yet appropriately respectful. It is a strong and very distinctive visual statement that can be applied equally successfully as either a graphic identity or as a ‘window’ for a montage of images that illustrates the many aspects of town life.

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